Expository Preaching

We are committed to expository preaching at Bethany Community Fellowship, because this is the method that we see commanded and exemplified in Scripture.

Expository preaching, as a form of proclamation of God's Word, has at its core the aim of faithfully unveiling the truth of Scripture. The truth and power of God is found in his Word, and not in what our opinions or impressions might be. Therefore, it is our obligation to make the Bible clear. We find it most important that the main idea of our sermons would be the main idea of whatever passage of Scripture might be before us.

At Bethany you'll not hear long, drawn-out stories that are mostly unrelated to biblical truth. You won't listen to rants on the latest fads, or to lengthy discussions on a preacher's favorite self-help tip of the day. Instead, we desire that you will find clearly-taught doctrine, fully-explained texts, and faithfully-applied truth drawn solely from the pages of Scripture.

The Bible gives a snapshot of what expository preaching is in Nehemiah 8:8, where the text says that the leaders of Israel read from the Law to the people and that "they gave the sense." This is our goal in the pulpit at Bethany -- to give the accurate meaning and necessary implications of the truth contained in God's unchanging Word.

Any power to affect change in the hearts of men and women comes from the Scriptures. And so we have no desire to be predominantly witty or clever, or to bend the message of the Bible in any way to fit what secular culture might want to hear. We instead follow the example of the Apostles, to preach Christ and his Word in clarity and power.