Speaker: Mark Snoeberger

Habakkuk Response of Praise

Habakkuk 3

by Mark Snoeberger

Habakkuk expresses confidence that, no matter the circumstances, God may be trusted because he is great and because he is good.

God's Reassuring Reply

Habakkuk 2

by Mark Snoeberger

God assures Habakkuk that he will set things straight through a series of promises: (1) The righteous will live by his faith; (2) The earth will be filled with the glory of the Lord—someday; and (3) The Lord is in his holy temple—today!

Habakkuk Anxious Complaint

Habakkuk 1

by Mark Snoeberger

Habakkuk expresses dismay that God is silent while the world spirals out of control, then offers us a pattern of how we may prepare for life’s inevitable inequities and tragedies.