How To Discern Your Spiritual Giftedness

by Alan Sherban

5 principles that will aid the Christian in discerning his or her spiritual giftedness.

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

by Alan Sherban

In this lesson we endeavor to provide a biblical answer to this oft-asked question. The fundamental issue at hand is actually our understanding of the nature of God, and how this relates to the evil we observe around us.

Semper Reformanda

by Alan Sherban

The Reformers set an example for us of the need for continual reformation. In no age of Church history before Christ's return will we finally get everything perfectly right, so it is our humble duty to learn from the past and survey our current context in order to faithfully continue in needed reforms.

The Gospel of Peace And The Gospel of Rome

We read the true gospel of peace in the Word of Christ -- the message which alone can bring about peace between God and the sinner. Any other doctrine which is contrary lacks power and hope, and must be rejected.

Authority in the Church

If any supposed authority is said to possess equal authority with God's Word, then the Bible's inherent authority will ultimately be eclipsed by the interpretations and impressions of men. The Scripture alone is the sole authority for the Church.

Who Is The Head Of The Church?

Reformers in the 14th and 15th centuries gave up their lives in order to defend this important doctrine. Jesus alone is the head over his Church, and no man can ever be elevated to that prominent role.

The Sufficiency of Scripture

Psalm 19:7-14

by Alan Sherban