Book: Romans

Gospel-Driven Unity

Romans 12:1-2

by Alan Sherban

Unity in the local church comes only because of the ministry of the Gospel to the people of God. The Gospel unifies God's people because it transforms them, because it consecrates them, and because it demands it of them.

Declared to be the Son

Romans 1:4

by Alan Sherban

The resurrection of Jesus is the foundation for his presentation to the universe as the Son-of-God-in-power. Most importantly we should regard his resurrection and ascension as the means by which Christ receives his rightful exaltation.

Future Glory for Present Courage

Romans 8:31-39

by Alan Sherban

The prospect of our future glory leaves us with present reasons to have courage in the face of our sufferings.

Future Glory

Romans 8:18-30

by Alan Sherban

Paul contends for the fact that our present suffering is not worthy to even be compared to the glory that will be revealed. If this is true, our perspective on the trials of this life should filter through the lens of God's good purposes for future glory.

Soli Deo Gloria

Romans 8:28-39

by Alan Sherban

In case there is any confusion concerning the true nature of Justification, the idea of Soli Deo Gloria (to God alone be glory) will clearly illumine the fact that he alone is glorified in that he alone accomplishes and applies everything the sinner needs, apart from any cooperation.

Sola Fide

Romans 4

by Alan Sherban

Justification refers to God considering a sinner to be fit for fellowship with him, and he grants this status solely upon the basis of the person and work of Christ, through the means of faith alone apart from any human work at all.

Sola Scriptura

Romans 10:17

by Alan Sherban

The Bible and the Bible alone is the sole authority for all matters concerning the souls of mankind and the Church of Christ. We know this perhaps most vividly from the fact that by no other means can we be saved than through the Word of Christ.

The Pure Gospel

Romans 4:22-25

by Alan Sherban

Four Fingerprints of Faith

Romans 4:13-21

by Alan Sherban

Justifying Faith

Romans 4:1-12

by Alan Sherban

Why Faith

Romans 3:27-31

by Alan Sherban

The Work of Christ in the Gospel

Romans 3:21-26

by Alan Sherban

The Destruction of Self-Righteousness - Part 2

Romans 2:6-3:20

by Alan Sherban

The Destruction of Self-Righteousness - Part 1

Romans 2:1-5

by Alan Sherban

The Hopelessness of Mankind

Romans 1:18-32

by Alan Sherban

The God of the Gospel

Romans 1:16-18

by Alan Sherban

The Foundation of the Gospel

Romans 1:1-16

by Alan Sherban