Book: Psalms

Worship the Redeeming and Gathering God

Psalm 107

by Alan Sherban

The congregation is to come together for worship together, and as we do so we are to focus on the fact that God has redeemed us and has gathered us to himself from every corner of the Earth.

Making His Deeds Known

Psalm 105:1

by Alan Sherban

How can we give thanks to the Lord? How do we call upon his name? How can we make his deeds known among the peoples?

He Is Not Silent

Psalm 19:1-14

by Danny Gumprecht

The grace and goodness and mercy of God is displaying in that he has most clearly revealed himself to his creatures. He has done so through his creation and through his written Scriptures, and these forms of revelation demand a necessary response from the creature.

The Call To Praise

Psalm 117

by Alan Sherban

Thanksgiving Service - God's command to bless all peoples by bringing them to praise him will most certainly be accomplished through Christ. It is the joy of his people to now offer him acceptable thanks in anticipation of this eternal duty of praise.

Fullness of Joy in Christ

Psalm 16

by Robert Troutman