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A Refresher on Baptism - Part 1

by Alan Sherban

Part 1 of 2 on the topic of believer's baptism as taught in the New Testament.

A Refresher on Baptism - Part 2

by Alan Sherban

Part 2 of 2 on the topic of believer's baptism as taught in the New Testament.

Baptism Testimonies

by Alan Sherban

Baptism Testimonies for Cheryl Kuhlman, John Flood, and Joseph Derkin.

Love God

Deuteronomy 6:4-6

by Alan Sherban

The Shema holds three critical elements: the context, call (or content), and the consequence of the command to love Yahweh our God.

Don't Take the Bait

Matthew 4:8-11

by Alan Sherban

Satan offers a deceptive bait to Christ to try to entice him to a suffering-less route to having his kingdom. But, as will always prove true, supreme love for the Father conquers all temptation.

Do Not Put the Lord to the Test

Matthew 4:5-7

by Alan Sherban

The second of the three temptations of Christ in the wilderness had to do with whether or not he would test the Father by not waiting upon his divine ways and timing.

Man Shall Not Live by Bread Alone

Matthew 4:1-4

by Alan Sherban

A look at the first of three temptations that assailed Christ, in which the tempter asks Jesus the question, "Did God really say that you must obey him?"

The Temptation of Jesus

Matthew 4:1-11

by Alan Sherban

4 Questions:

Why did Jesus need to be tempted?

How could the Spirit lead Jesus to be tempted?

Could Jesus have fallen to temptation and actually sin?

How was Christ's temptation a real temptation?

The Kingdom of God

by Alan Sherban

A look at the importance of God's Kingdom purposes on earth, and how Scripture teaches us that its future implementation will unfold. Also, how is it that the Church and the Kingdom interact?

The Perfect Righteousness of Christ

Matthew 3:13-17

by Alan Sherban

The foundation of our salvation is the doctrine of justification. And the foundation of the essence of justification is the righteousness of Jesus. God's declaration of his pleasure in Christ following his baptism demonstrates that Jesus alone possesses obedience of divine quality sufficient to justify and assure his people.

The Incomparable Righteousness of Christ

Matthew 3:13-17

by Alan Sherban

Jesus is righteous to a degree that none else can ever compare. He is righteous to the extent that God the Father is pleased with him. As such, he then verifies his claim to be Messiah and to be the only Savior of the world.

The People of God

by Alan Sherban

A Biblical Theology of the topic, "The People of God." How has God dealt with his people in the past? And what are his purposes for them in the future?

Fire - The Test of the Way of the Lord

Matthew 3:10-12

by Alan Sherban

There is coming a day when all ways to the Kingdom will be tested. Those which were taken apart from the direction of the King will be destroyed, but the travelers of the narrow way of repentance will be preserved.

The Way of the Lord Narrowed Part 2

Matthew 3:9

by Alan Sherban

John the Baptist tells the religious leaders of Israel that inheriting of the promises of the Kingdom of Heaven has to do not with their physical connection to Abraham, but rather with a person's spiritual connection to Abraham in faith.

The Way of The Lord Narrowed Part 1

Matthew 3:7-8

by Alan Sherban

The Pharisees and Sadducees come to John the Baptist only to find out that their own thoughts about entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven do not fit within the actual way of repentance that John proclaimed.

The Way of the Lord is Prepared

Matthew 3:1-6

by Alan Sherban

There is a connection between the overall message of John the Baptist ("Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand") and the fact that his ministry served to prepare the way of the Lord, as prophesied in Isaiah 40 and other OT texts.

Fullness of Joy in Christ

Psalm 16

by Robert Troutman

Embracing God's Word for the New Year

Nehemiah 8:1-12

by Alan Sherban

As we enter a new year filled with uncertainty of events but yet with certainty of trial and temptation, we look to God's Word for equipping so that we might find our way in joy and success.

The King Embraces Obscurity

Matthew 2:19-23

by Alan Sherban

The last of Matthew's 5 stories which present Jesus of Nazareth as the Messiah. This time we see how his identification with the obscurity of the village of Nazareth fulfills what was foretold about the suffering and rejected anointed one.

The Exiled King Will Return

Matthew 2:16-18

by Alan Sherban

As Israel was exiled and would return, so the Messiah King was exiled from Israel in Herod's fury only to return again. And thus mourning is replaced with joy.

Faithful Israel Will Come From Egypt

Matthew 2:13-15

by Alan Sherban

The circumstances surrounding Jesus' rescue from the fury of Herod demonstrate the faithfulness of God and the faithfulness of Joseph, and present the child Jesus as Faithful Israel who would be the shining manifestation of God's glory on earth.

The Wisdom of God

1 Corinthians 1:20-21

by Alan Sherban

A short message concerning the true wisdom of God - that which the world sees as foolishness yet is able to save the souls of men.

Bethlehem Produces the Shepherd Ruler

Matthew 2:1-12

by Alan Sherban

God's purpose of having man rule successfully over the earth will be completed only in the person of his Son, Jesus Christ. Matthew presents this man, Jesus, as the shepherd-ruler from Bethlehem - the greater David.

Immanuel Assumes David's Throne

Matthew 1:18-25

by Alan Sherban

Five Reasons Why Jesus is the Messiah, Part 1 of 5: Matthew records five distinct narrative accounts; each of which are vital to his argument of showing how Jesus is the fulfillment of what the Old Testament proclaimed the Messiah would be. This first story defends Jesus as the God-man who is heir to the Throne of David.

Three Truths Concerning the Birth of Christ

Matthew 1:16-17

by Alan Sherban

In his Gospel account, Matthew presents Jesus of Nazareth as God, as man, and as the one whom we all must regard to be the Christ.

God Accomplishes His Purposes

Matthew 1:2-17

by Alan Sherban

God accomplishes all that he intends - not just in spite of our sin and human brokenness, but actually through such means.

God Keeps His Promises

Matthew 1:2-17

by Alan Sherban

This passage holds three generational sections where we see God's chosen people wandering, failing, and hardening. Today, whether we wander, fail, or harden, Christ is gracious and will forgive all who come to him in repentance and faith.

The Long-Expected Jesus

Matthew 1:1

by Alan Sherban

Jesus is the fulfillment of Scripture, being the Messiah for whom Israel long waited. Matthew introduces this reality by telling us that Jesus makes all things new, that he saves his people, and that he does the will of God as His anointed.

Grace Will Lead Us Home - Part 2

2 Peter 3:18

by Alan Sherban

Examining the command of the Apostle Peter for us to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Grace Will Lead Us Home - Part 1

1 Peter 5:12

by Alan Sherban

Paul opens and closes all his attributed epistles with a hope for his readers to know the grace that is theirs in the Word of God, just as Peter proclaims in his first epistle as well.