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Apostles As Sheep Among Wolves

Matthew 10:16-23

by Alan Sherban

Persecution is a significant theme in the book of Matthew, and in his sermon to the Apostles Jesus explicitly says that he was sending his Apostles to be persecuted by the wolves. Yet this in no way brings into question the fact that Christ is the Good Shepherd of his sheep, for even in the midst of persecution he accomplishes good purposes for his people.

How God Saves People

Titus 2:11-14

by Alan Sherban

The final way in which the teaching of sound doctrine should be evident in the life of the congregation is in the fact that conversion will occur. God will save his people by means of the faithful teaching of his Word, and in this text Paul explains how it is that God does this work.

Exemplary Slaves

Titus 2:9-10

by Alan Sherban

Paul concluded his instruction on what sound doctrine looks like in the life of the church by indicating how it plays out in the lives of the slaves within that congregation. The slaves had the unique privilege of adorning the doctrine of God.

Finding Christ's People in the Cities of Israel

Matthew 10:11-15

by Alan Sherban

The mission of the Apostles as given in Matthew 10 was one of seeking and finding the sheep in Israel who belonged to Jesus.

Mission Basics

Matthew 10:5-10

by Alan Sherban

Before explaining the detail of Jesus' sermon to the Apostles, Matthew recorded the Lord's overview of the basics of the mission in verses 5-10. In this overview Jesus told the Apostles where they were to go, what they were to say, and what they were to give as they fulfilled this mission which was ripe with redemptive purpose.

Gospel-Driven Unity

Romans 12:1-2

by Alan Sherban

Unity in the local church comes only because of the ministry of the Gospel to the people of God. The Gospel unifies God's people because it transforms them, because it consecrates them, and because it demands it of them.

Pastoral Restraints

Titus 2:7-8

by Alan Sherban

Paul's instructions to Titus shift away from different age groups in the local church, and land directly upon the young pastor himself. The character of the main teaching pastor of the local church is to be exemplary in every respect.

The Apostles' Sermon

Matthew 10:5-42

by Alan Sherban

Matthew 10 contains a sermon by Jesus that is often overlooked (possibly because it is overshadowed by the greatness of the Sermon on the Mount a few chapters earlier). But this sermon to the Apostles is rich in truth and is practically helpful for us even today.

The King and All of His Men, Part 2

Matthew 10:1-4

by Alan Sherban

Much can be learned from observing the Lord's deliberate grouping of the Apostles. In this lesson we take note of the fact that they are always grouped in Scripture into 3 different groups of 4 men, and that each group reveals something important about how Christ uses his servants in his ministry.

Younger Men Living Under Restraint

Titus 2:6

by Alan Sherban

Paul's instruction to Titus concerning the young men in the church is slightly different from the other age groups, yet it comes with a great and noble task - to be a model of good works by living a life restrained by the truth of Scripture.

Sound Teaching for Pure Younger Women

Titus 2:4-5

by Alan Sherban

The fruit of sound doctrine in the church should also yield a kind of purity in younger women which is manifest in their marriage, in their family, and in their occupational pursuits.

The King and All of His Men, Part 1

Matthew 10:1-4

by Alan Sherban

The Lord of the harvest has authority and power to bring in his harvest by whatever means he wills, and so Jesus calls to himself the Twelve apostles whom he will send out into the world.

The Sovereign Ministry of Jesus

Matthew 9:35-38

by Alan Sherban

The ministry of Jesus was (and is still) unlike any other human ministry to the world. This is because his ministry was one of greatest power, of deepest passion, and of sovereign planning.

How Not to Respond to Jesus

Matthew 9:32-34

by Alan Sherban

Captive to darkness, the Pharisees came to the wrong conclusion about Jesus. But worse than that, they sought to spread their destructive error to the crowds gathered to be healed by Jesus.

Jesus Is Our Only Hope

Matthew 9:18-31

by Alan Sherban

Towards the end of Matthew 9 we find a final set of three miracles which portray Jesus as the only hope for sinners.

Sound Teaching for Holy Women, Part 1

Titus 2:3-4

by Alan Sherban

Paul indicates that there are certain characteristics which sound doctrine produces in the lives of the women of the church. And the purpose of such holiness in the women of the church is so that the whole congregation might have a glimpse of what a beautiful life worthy of the glory of Christ looks like.

Christian Fasting

by Alan Sherban

What does the Bible prescribe concerning a Christian's practice of fasting? In this sermon we unpack a Biblical theology of fasting to help us understand why and how we ought to fast today.

Sound Teaching for Holy Older Men

Titus 2:2

by Alan Sherban

In Titus 2:2-10, Paul provided Titus with a practical description of what healthy doctrine should yield in the lives of those in the congregation. The first group of people he addressed are the older men, who ought to provide a visible goal of what Christian maturity is.

The Nature of the Call of Christ, Part 3

Matthew 9:9-17

by Alan Sherban

Christ calls his disciples to joy and to newness. Apart from these and the other marks of his call that we find in Matthew 9:9-17, we cannot be certain that it is truly the commanding call of Jesus that we have followed.

Jesus Came to Call Sinners

Matthew 9:13

by Alan Sherban

Jesus stated that his purpose for coming to earth was to call sinners. If we ask the question, "Why did Jesus come to call sinners?" then we can look to the whole of Matthew's gospel for the answer, in which he gives us 5 reasons why it is only sinners whom Jesus came to call to be his disciples.

The Nature of the Call of Christ, Part 2

Matthew 9:9-17

by Alan Sherban

Not only is the call of Christ to discipleship a call to conversion, it is also a call to obedience, to evangelize, and to be healed.

The Nature of the Call of Christ, Part 1

Matthew 9:9-17

by Alan Sherban

Jesus calls all his disciples to follow him, and his disciples will follow. But his call is not an undefined and open-ended call; Matthew 9:9-17 indicates that it is a call marked by 6 specific characteristics.

Jesus, Strong in Power, Part 3

Matthew 9:1-8

by Alan Sherban

The healing of the lame man as recorded in Matthew 9:1-8 evidences the fact that the saving power of Jesus is stronger than any sin that might tempt us to doubt his ability to save.

What is Sound Doctrine?

Titus 2:1-15

by Alan Sherban

One of Paul's primary instructions to Titus concerns that which he was to teach to the congregations in Crete. His teaching was to always be that which yields spiritual health in those who hear it -- which is what sound doctrine is.

Why We Love

1 John 4:7-12

by Danny Gumprecht

Love for one another is a distinguishing and defining mark of true Christians, and in this text the apostle John provides for us all 3 reasons why it is that we ought to love.

Jesus Strong in Power, Part 2

Matthew 8:23-9:8

by Alan Sherban

Jesus is not only stronger than any natural force or circumstance, but he also demonstrates the fact that he has unassailable power over the supernatural realm.

True Elders Guard Against False Teaching

Titus 1:9-16

by Alan Sherban

False teaching not only abounded in the first generation of the church on the island of Crete, but it also can be found in every age of the church until Christ returns. To protect his people from the dangers of false doctrine, the Lord of the Church has provided elders who will be qualified both in character and in doctrine.

Gender Roles in the Church

Titus 1:6

by Alan Sherban

Scripture indicates that men and women are equally effective as servants of Christ within the church, yet the Lord has revealed that the leadership office of elder is one which only men may hold.

Jesus Strong in Power, Part 1

Matthew 8:23-9:8

by Alan Sherban

The second set of three miracles in Matthew 8-9 reveals to us that Jesus is more powerful than any potential threat to our souls.

What Jesus Demands of His Disciples

Matthew 8:18-22

by Alan Sherban

Knowing more facts about Jesus isn't the chief goal of Matthew's Gospel. He rather would have his readers realize that the truth about who Jesus is means that he must be followed on his terms.